Someone explain this gross injustice to me


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So thanks to the good man @VagrantWade, we now know that Best Buy is taking pre-orders for the highly anticipated Nokia Lumia 920. However, after seeing the ad for myself, I realized that something looked rather dry and like a boring, everyday affair which the 920 is not. What I'm referring to are the specs and the description of the phone

After seeing that, naturally I decided to look up the equivalent on the iPhone 5's description. What I found was a big difference, BIG difference. The way the iPhone was described made it seem really like God's gift to man.

They used regular hype words that get people excited and curious and not the standard affair of normal cell phone descriptions (for the iPhone, that is).

Why is this so, when the Lumia is packed with even more sick innovations and even some drool-worthy features? (Glove control, Higher than Retina screen, Best low-light and anti-shake smartphone camera, Wireless charging)

Did they really have to mention:

  • Phonebook
  • MP3 playback
  • bluetooth
  • handsfree speaker phone

I thought it was a given, that modern smartphone come with these things by default.

Now if this is because the Lumia hadn't officially launched yet, it could've been excused. But there was already an official launch. But maybe it's because official news of pre-order availability in the US hasn't gone wide-scale as yet. I hope that's the reason and that someone will change that pretty soon.