New House, New Setup

Hey guys,

I'm hoping you can help me. We're currently building a new house and I need some advice on a complete entertainment system.

The main aspects are:

1 - We need a new TV for our living area. Which is the best TV to get, taking into account all of the following requirements: Currently I am looking at the 55" OLED TV's from LG and Samsung. We would like to be able to stream video/music to the TV - I'm just not sure of the best products to achieve this. In order to watch various sporting events, we also have subscriptions to various premium TV channels from all over the world (US, UK etc) which we access by using numerous proxy server (simulating a connection from that region). It would be great if we could watch the same content via a proxy on the TV (currently we watch via laptop / phone). The key with this is that the content isn't stored on say, a NAS server, but streamed live from a website. Also, it would be nice if the digital box, the TV and the surround sound could all be controlled by a single device (say a tablet, or a phone) so if you have any recommendations for universal controls that would be awesome. The size of the living room is 9m x 7m. I believe my current 42" TV will not be large enough. In terms of sound for this room, we already have the Sony BDV-IT1000:



2 - What is the best way to integrate a sound system just capable of playing basic mp3's or radio into a kitchen? The kitchen is entirely bespoke and hasn't been started yet so anything which needs to be integrated can be. Should it be wired into the home network (or Wifi)?

3 - For the main bedroom we would like a similar setup to the main living area (in terms of proxy, streaming, remote control) but just with a smaller screen. What would you guys recommend for this, I've looked into Raspberry PI but it seems a little sluggish to be effective as an 'all in one' kind of device. Would you recommend a normal TV connected to a network connected computer, or a TV with all of the capabilities built in?

4 - I would like to match my smartphone and potentially a tablet with whatever setup we select (and these could be an important part of the whole setup). My last two smartphones were Samsung and Apple, but I have sold both because I need a new phone, I've never owned a tablet. I'm not invested in either ecosystem (Android or iOS), and I'm completely open to either or Windows.

The whole house has an ultrafast wired network in every room and Wifi throughout. We also already have a NAS drive - a Synology DS210 - that could be leveraged if it helps. In terms of cost, money is no object. I just basically want to know the ideal home entertainment setup which is also future proof.

Thanks for any help!