Tick-tock like model for Google?

Sometimes Google releases a new Android version in a few months and sometimes it takes a year to release a new version.

Intel releases a new processor model (nearly) every year. First they release a tick: a shrinking of process technology of the previous microarchitecture, and the next they release a tock: a new microarchitecture.

What if Google used somethink like this for their stuff?

Lets take a look at Android

Android 1.0: 2008 (September)

Android 2.0: 2009 (October)

Android 3.0: 2011 (Februari)

Android 4.0 2012 (October)

What if they released a major version every year with new stuff and a little improvement inbetween?

Every major version would be a Nexus release, and every version should be shared with the manufacturers 3 tot 1 month before release.

I use juli as starting point because the I/O stuff is released then

Say they used this from the start (With A and B for the first 2 versions)

Android 1.0 A Juli 2008

Android 1.5 B December 2008

Android 2.0 Cupcake Juli 2009

Android 2.5 Donut December 2009

Android 3.0 Eclair Juli 2010

Android 3.5 Froyo december 2010

Android 4.0 Gingerbrean Juli 2011

Android 4.5 Honeycomb December 2011

Android 5.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Juli 2012

Android 5.5 Jelly Bean December 2012