The Only Difference that Matters between Windows 8 and Windows RT

Backward compatibility.

That is it. Features like Media Center are inconsequential to this conversation; as our the myriad of supported CODECs. Those are things people who are technology enthusiasts know and care about. The important difference, the only difference is Windows RT RUNS ONLY applications available in the Windows store.

Also just to remind everyone, Windows 8 and Windows RT SHARE the same Run Time for touch applications. So if its a Metro app in the store, its available for both ARM and Intel. There share the Windows Run Time (WinRT).

The majority of tablets and hybrid tablets coming to market this week will run Windows 8. The MAJORITY. There will be a handful of Windows RT tablets coming to market; Surface RT and the Asus VivoTab RT are but a few.

Trying to get more complicated with the public by concentrating on minor details does nothing but confuse users. Telling people Windows RT is not backwards compatible clears most of the questions people have.

Remember we are all in this together, And we are all paid shills for Microsoft