WP: Reason for bad MultiTasking: Back-Button

Hi there,

i was just doing the usual smartphone stuff on my Lumia 900 when i - again - got really mad about the back button and then it kinda hit me.

Imagine if you get into an app not by simply start the app via the app-menu, but via another app (like share a photo in the photo-hub via whatsapp).
Here is an easier example (though this happens to me with almost every app):

Pin a playlist to your start screen and launch it. The music app gets started and you hear your playlist. You then have no possibility at all to go back within the app to e.g. the playlist-selection. You literally have to restart the app - as in starting the music app via app selection (which currently is a restart, and people want this to change).

Now imagine the app selection would not relaunch an app but to resume an app were you left it the last time. That would result in the even more pathetic way to get back inside of an app:

open multitasking menu, close an app (which is currently not possible) and start it again via the start screen / app selection.

Seriously, the OS-wide back button has to go. It should be back within the apps. Or at least be customizeable. I love that i can pin specific sections of an app to the start screen and i really really hate that if i launch the app that way, i'm stuck in that section and have to restart the app to fully use it..

What do you think?