Why are Widgets & Expandable Storage a selling point. (Updated)

I love iOS because i enjoy the integrations between all my apple devices and my Mac computer. iCloud is a huge feature for me because it sync all my iWork documents, music, movies, apps, photos (I freaking love Photostream)

They are somethings I like about android that iOS doesnt do. Notifications are a little better, you can use any browser as a default & you can have default twitter apps. But none of those are real deal breakers for me to leave iOS. But the one I keep hearing thats like the top reasons for me to leave iOS is Widgets and Expandable Storage...WHAT!!! Managing those sd cards is a pain in the ass and widgets....look if you are into to those things i get it but to me they are mostly geek features. I dont need a bunch of screen plastered and just doing things thats diving me crazy. My mac has widgets and i think they suck. I saw one phone online that was just plastered with widgets and it looked like a computer engineer puked on the home screen. iOS does have widgets like the seater, stock, twitter and Facebook, and the music widget when you double click the home button and its there in the multitasking bar. I now alot of people with android phones, most are cheap phones and some are high end and I dont know anyone that uses the expandable storage or plastered there home screen with WIDGETS.

So what do yall think...are those really huge selling points to use android or are they just nerd/geek features that only hardcore android fans care about.

Ohh yea i forgot about NFC PAYMENTS...not too many retails outlets that uses them.

(Updated) So...apparently I wasn't the only one that thought Sd card slots were a pain in the ass to manage. People Sd cards are going away and most people dont use them unless they have a digital camera. People don't wanna manage storage on there phones...especially with sd cards. Read It Here