HTC DLX---- Your Next???

I previously had a brief affair with an iPhone 5. Great phone, despite the weird problems that plagued my own device.

Honestly, I was all prepared to order another one until I kept seeing more and more news about the HTC DLX. Big, beautiful FHD screen. Snapdragon Pro SoC. Typical great HTC build quality. Excellent camera. Launching with JB!

This could very well ruin my chances of getting the iPhone, though again I feel the need to tell everyone that it is indeed a excellent device.

The added bounses being that since this will be a flagship device, it will get updates. And it should be relatively popular enough to warrant enough custom ROMs to fit rooting needs should I want to do that.

Anyone else ready for this? When do you think we can expect it? Will it rival your desire for the Note 2, iPhone 5 or SGS3 on Americas largest LTE network?


Will it be enough to sway you from a Nexus, should it come to Verizon, no matter how unlikely that may be?

BTW, I plan on calling this device the Incredible X no matter how its supposed to be pronounced.