Windows 8 Killer feature, it rises your self-esteem

I'm seriously sick of all of this FUD about how difficult is Windows 8 to use. While I agree that the learning curve can be steep for some people (specially those who already have their issues with computers), once you spend some time with the OS, you can't go back to Windows 7 as your main OS.

So, if Windows 8 is so hard to use, and the average people will supposedly have a hard time using It, are we Windows 8 users smarter than the avg. people? Well, that's what I feel with all of this FUD. So thanks to Windows 8 I now feel like a superior being!

But wait a minute?, wasn't this the same argument that people had about Android? when It was said to be for geeks only? and it is what the most used mobile OS already? While Android has clearly made advancements in user experience, it has not changed much in its usage paradigm, an anyways, most people is still in the Android 2.x which was said it was hard to use for the Avg. customer.

So what do you think?, will grandpa be able to use Windows 8 one day?