I need a great car dock for Lumia 920

Currently I am using EVO 3D and I have to tell you of all the things this phone's car dock is the most awesome I have ever used. I have used many 3rd party universal car smartphone mounts (from cheap to expensive) and none of them work as good as the official car dock for evo 3d. Benefits with EVO 3d car dock 1. easy in and out 2. study and well built 3. charging 4. I have taken it multiple times out of my car to other rental cars and back it never had any issue. I could not do the same with any other dock , they all loose suction once you remove and place them again and I have done this successfully 100 times with evo 3d card dock. 5. highly adjustable angles http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA07Y0503933 Now I am switching to Lumia 920 but I want a similar great car dock , so if you have any pointers let me know.