Quality of Quantity: The Verge, ads, and what could've been.

Nash's Rant:

Thinking back when Josh was a gunslinger with his thoughts. When The Verge Team was the rebels at ThisIsMyNext. Those were the days.

Now, everything about The Verge seems to be focused on the business side of it. Flooding the site with every spec of content they can possibly discover, it's gotten ridiculous. Every article I read is written with such a neutral opinion, with the only exception being Mr. Paul Miller's Offline Series. Aside from Paul, The Verge seems to have no soul.

With fear of upsetting a certain group of readers, I believe a rule at The Verge is to keep EVERYONE coming back. Try to please the entire tech crowd, even if that's sacrificing what they actually believe. Sure, their opinion comes out during podcast, but in articles, each writer lacks a personality.

The business model, this old business model, will work, and is working, and these annoying ads will continue to keep bringing in the money for Vox, but The Verge seems to be going the Twitter route, which is forgetting about those who got you here, and instead focus on this new massive link clicking crowd.

What got me excited about The Verge, was the thought provoking voices that was going AGAINST the old format, and creating something new, something that guided us to the future, without being scared to hurt people's feelings.

I was here in the early hours of the site launching, and was extremely excited about where Josh was taking us. But now, I try my best not to visit here. Each page is full of chaos, with no direction on where to start. Articles everywhere, that lack any depth.

I do love Billy Disney and the whole video staff. THAT is one area I'm seeing pure quality, until you look at The Verge's subpar video player that they keep shoving down our throat for profit.

I want this site to be my daily starting point. I don't want to shy away from it. I enjoy all the series that are being created (90 Seconds, The Weekender, Offline, Verge Favorites, etc). These are articles that give me hope. They show character. They show identity. But the daily news writing lacks any depth, and only briefs me on what's happening.

I'd like a sense of direction on this site. Where to start? How about some simplicity? How about a layout that shows good taste? All of my gripes might also fall in line with why Josh doesn't love the iPhone anymore. He's choosing to flood the site with everything, rather than finding ways to subtract, and just get it right.