An Android users take on the Apple 'thumb' advert.

I'm an all round tech enthusiast, currently owning a MacBook Air, Galaxy Nexus and Kindle. I love all of these devices, each with their own pros and cons.

However, after seeing Apple's latest 'thumb' advert for the iPhone5 on TV I feel that the company is trying to mislead consumers by using a veiled criticism at the larger screen Android's and WP devices.

Apple - iPhone 5 - TV Ad - Thumb (via Apple)

As someone who now uses the Galaxy Nexus, a 4.65" device, as my daily driver I wanted to take apart the advert and highlight why Apple is wrong.

1) A lot of the Apple core UI buttons are at the top left / top right

As a result you're going to need to stretch up to the top left and top right a lot in your average use, including when dismissing notifications.

With Android the back button is at the bottom left and gentle swipes of the notification bar allow you to dismiss notifications. This allows you to do the majority of interactions on your phone without having to stretch around too much.



2) The iPhone5 screen is only taller and not wider

This means the same amount of characters per line in your email, browser, messaging and all apps. By making the device taller it only has the added benefit of an extra row of icons on the homescreen and better video when in landscape.

When reading in landscape you often only really read the top 1/2 or 2/3 of the screen and scroll to compensate so the extra height doesn't matter. The lack of extra width means you miss out on extra reading space.



3) The advert forgoes the advantages of a bigger screen and only concentrates on the negatives

Bigger screen = much better gaming, browsing, video, book reading. For some it also means you don't really need a tablet, especially if you go with something like the Galaxy Note.



4) Android has ways to help you

Android has lots of little tricks to help you with a big screen. One of my favourites is quick controls in the browser which gives you more viewing area and means you don't have to stretch to tap the URL bar.



5) You're holding it wrong

Yep, in this case it might actually be true. With a large device you learn to hold it slightly differently. Rather than crushing it close against your palm with your thumb tight against the side (like in the Apple advert), you can hold it slightly looser and sometimes put your pinky under it for extra support. This gives you better reach.



5) The power button is on the right side of the device

This is something that Apple completely forgot about. As someone who used to use an iPhone4 it used to feel great to be able to use the small device and turn it off at the top. Now with the taller iPhone5 it is now a stretch to reach and turn it off.

Android phones are ahead of the game here, by positioning the power button on the right and within easy reach.



6) The guy in the advert can't even reach the whole of his device

Bit of a low blow here but even on the iPhone5 you can see that his thumb won't reach the top right of the device.



I hope you liked this post. Please feel free to comment or add additional points.