So I was planning on buying a Wii U...

So I was planning on buying a Wii U...

If you would have asked me a month ago, I would have told you I was definitely going to buy one. I have two little sons at home that would go crazy for one. I could enjoy some Nintendoland with them and be able to watch TV when they still want to play. Great family fun. I mean, the system is basically designed specifically for me - gamer parents with little kids.

Then some time passed and I continued to browse the selection of launch titles. Then I looked at the price compared to everything else out there - the total price. Wii U console, plus a couple new Wii remotes (we only have the old ones, not compatible), plus a new game, plus a new "hardcore" controller if I want to play any serious games on it, and all of the sudden I'm staring at $500.

Then I realized I can just go buy Mario Party 9 for the kids and get them both brand new, black Wii Remote Plus controllers for a little over $100 total. Throw in another game like Donkey Kong and I'm looking at two new games and two new remotes for about $150. That basically $300 less for pretty much the same experience as a Wii U. Sure, HD would be nice, but I think we'll survive.

Let's just say I am starting to become concerned about the Wii U. I hope it does well and I will probably pick one up for Christmas 2013. What's that you say? There might be a new Xbox for Christmas 2013? Uh oh, Nintendo. This could be a problem.

Nintendo, am I missing something here? Because I am pretty sure the Wii is basically the same experience as the Wii U, just not in HD. I am completely unsold on the tablet controller being a major difference. Quite frankly, I am very skeptical that third party developers use it for anything more than maps and inventory management.