What would you do if you ran the Windows Phone department?

If I was in charge I'd

  1. Buy Nokia. Deliver a flagship product.
  2. Change the name from Windows Phone to Metro. Or something other than Windows Phone I don't like that name and I don't think consumers like that name either.
  3. Sell the idea of a distinct "platform". Android isn't well known as being made by Google. Hell some people think it's called "Droid". And it doesn't have an air of high quality. I'd sell the idea of Metro as a platform that any manufacturer can get on with tight restrictions.
  4. Do everything possible to get all Windows Phones on all carriers no matter what.
  5. Spend 2 billion on marketing with commercials that actually show why it's awesome (I would say a mix of Apple's iPhone/iPad and iPod commercials).
How about you?