The Verge Has A Troll Problem

Look we all want discussions and debates and maybe an argument or two. Dissenting opinions are key to the discourse on this site but lately I've noticed there are a few trolls who just destroy any chance of a decent conversation on The Verge. I won't name names but you can find them in any article (mostly focusing on MS, Google, and Apple). Fanboys are ok but these repeat offenders who just love to troll really have to go.

I would also like to add that those who do troll aren't going to be blatant. They will probably use correct grammar, spelling, and do everything they can to avoid the banhammer. That's what trolls do. Come in, say something extremely inflammatory and we get a long comment thread that goes back and forth between a troll and those who fall for it (I've been victim of a troll or two myself).

Its not hard to find these people either. Look up the last 10 articles on one of the big three that got over 150 comments and you will definitely see them every single time.

The Verge has a serious troll problem.