Ignorant question about Windows RT/Surface

Sorry guys, I wish I had the know-how for this kind of thing, but alas, my knowledge of all things tech is pretty limited.

I currently am using a Macbook (late 2009) and it has been the worst computing experience I have ever had. Slow, compatibility issues, über expensive, etc. Anyway, I'm sick of it, and I know I can sell this for way more than it is actually worth, and I am in the market for a new computer. I really like the look and feel of Win8, and obviously that's the only other viable option, so i'm wondering if I can get away with a Surface or other RT device. I am currently studying languages, so I don't need any heavy-duty programs. Here is a list of what I do on my Macbook:

-Word (I write a lot of papers, so i'm not sure if I could type as fast as I need on a Type/Touch cover)



-Flash Games (this is the main thing I am confused about. Will RT be able to do this? remember, I know nothing about this gig)

-Create and share Google Docs

-The occasional Garageband activities. Not a big deal though

-Random other internet activities, i.e. Tech blogs, 9gag, facebook, etc.

I'm pretty sure that RT would be able to handle most of these things. Just not positive about flash games. But it's looking like RT is the way to go. Any advice?