My Prediction for Windows Phone 8 Multitasking

With just a few days away from the Windows Phone 8 announcement, everybody is hoping there are some updates to Multitasking, considering the way it is it really isn't multitasking. One of my biggest concerns about it is that its so hard to close apps. You literally just sit there and hit the back button a lot.With Windows 8 and WP8 trying to become a very similar experience, I predict that multitasking will get pretty close to the same as well. Currently the way you close apps on Windows 8 is just swipe down from the top. I'm sure that they could implement the same kind of thing with Windows Phone 8, and also in the multitasking menu they could make you able to just swipe it down and kill it.I hope they do implement it like this, and also I hope they make it so they just freeze their apps, instead of basically restarting them every time you reselect it. Again, it does this on Windows 8 and I think that with the common kernel, all this should hopefully be obvious features for Microsoft to add.Does anybody have any other predictions on new features coming in Windows Phone 8?