Why I think the Surface Pro will release with Haswell

Yes I know, Ivy Bridge just came out.... but we're going to have a slew of devices release with it... the holiday season will come... and then 2013 will roll around and it won't matter any more. Imagine the momentum Intel and Microsoft would have, releasing the world's first full "PC" in a tablet that will have won over many Hearts by Christmas time.

The Surface Pro would be dynamite with Haswell. At 10 watts instead of 17 watts that Ivy Bridge uses, battery life will be 11+ hours instead of 6 or 7. Think of the Powerhouse it would be. I'd use it like a Desktop at home with ext. monitor and keyboard/mouse and a tablet the rest of the day.

Maybe I'm dreaming... but it seems to me Microsoft did the industry a courtesy by pricing the RT appropriately and delaying the Surface Pro 3 months.... Microsoft bet big on this one and I think they want to nail it with Haswell. If they do, I'm pretty sure every single person that read about it online will get one, and the people that have no clue about devices other than that they need internet will continue to support OEMs and all will be right and good again.... only we'll have the big 3 going toe-to-toe in the technology race of the century!!!!!!!

In other words: