What apps do you think are a must have when you get a iPhone or iPad? (Do Not Include Games - Theres another thread for that)

My list:

- Apple Store App

- Podcast App (Love this app - keep up on my tech blogs with it)

- Speed Test

- Mocha VNC (or Other VNC Client)

- Air Sharing (Great App - For Doing File Management)

- iDownloads (let you download any file off the net)

- OnLive Desktop (I believe there is a big future for this app [if Onlive gets their ass together] imagine running The Full Office suite on your iPad or running 3rd party desktop apps on your tablet)

- Atomic Web Browser (LOVE this App - Best money I spent on a App. Its perfect for when you dont want a mobile version of a website... with Atomic Web Browser you can set it up so that you only get desktop websites)

- App Shopper (So you can keep up to date on all the latest apps that are coming out

- Netflix (did you really think Id leave this out lol)