The Best of Polynauts: Polymeme Edition (23/10)


Yesterday, Shaun covered some of the countless great community posts from The Verge/Gaming. Today, I'll be covering the weird things that have become a thing here. Like Polynauts; Does that make us many voyagers or geometric sailors?

Below is a list of memes that have sprung up from the crazy antics of Polynauts:


  1. Having a comment posted twice.
  2. Gigawings' evil twin.

    Thanks to PaddyStardust for the Doublewings origin comic and NuclearPrinny for evil Gigawings



What started out as a little harmless photoshopping of someone a little too happy about photos and Cabbage Patch dolls turned into something that could be the Polygon equivalent of Zalgo.


Thanks to CoffeeJezus for the laughs! The flip side of Paddyshopping ends in tears. I couldn't think of a place to find a good nightmare fuel Paddyshop, but if there's a Polynaut with a good one, I'll add it here later.


That unfortunate occurrence of when a comment is chopped up at some point and reiterated with some more pieces of the original comment upon each reiteration.


Thanks to CoffeeJezus for taking Prinnying to an epic level. At 75% running fullscreen, I still couldn't take a screenshot of the whole post.


In its most pure form, a Wonderbook is stabbing someone in the back while screaming "Wonderbook!!" It's also a completely amazing Sony product that will take the world by storm.



Thanks to LulzJager for the Wonderbook gif. I know there's a few more out there as well.


The hilarious moment a Polynaut posts merely a 'z', hoping to go to the next post, but instead publishing a post. To my knowledge, our first 'z' was accomplished by PaddyStardust, earning him the title of ZiggyStardust.


Am I missing anything, Polynauts? If so, let me know below!