Google device international launch

Why can many tech companies release a product globally in a month and Google can't? (We're talking about unlocked versions)

The Nexus phones haven't really had this problem, but the other device launches are just bad.The Nexus 7 launched in several countries at the beginning, but than you got the weird release scheme. In my country there were rumors of it launching on a date, but Google didn't say a thing about it. The companies that sold the devices couldn't say anything because Google told them to.Then, on 3 september it just launched. But Google didn't say a thing about it!

When the Chromebook and Chromebox launched earlier this year I was going to buy them for my mother and my sister. But I have my own little rule (had some problems in the past) that I only buy stuff that have manufacturer support in my country. To make things short: Google didn't sell them, they are still stuck on Windows.

Now they have released the new Chromebook. I really love the design and the price. If they launch it I would buy three of them (if they do the $ = € thing they always do). One as my second Chromebook for college, one for my mother and one for my sister. I know most of the people aren't like me, but if one person buys 3, why wouldn't other people buy one (especially if the price is only €250). With some ads (remember this Google, devices don't sell themselves... most of the time) most of their products could be a huge succes. Even Android tablets, Chrome OS and eventually Google TV, Google Glasses and Google Cars.