Thinking of upgrading to Droid Razr M from Galaxy Nexus: a couple of questions


I'm currently on T-mobile using a Galaxy Nexus, but I've been thinking of switching to Verizon for the better coverage where I go to school, and for the LTE for back home.

The reasons I like the Razr M are mainly:

  • Smaller screen and body than the Nexus
  • expandable microSD storage
  • newer phone

I know that I'm losing a little bit by not having the stock experience, but as long as the Razr M gets JB, I'll be happy.

Questions for anyone that has the Razr M:

  • Should performance on the Razr M be much improved or worse than on the Galaxy Nexus? I do not know how to compare their processors, but they appear to have the same amount of RAM and are both dual-core.
  • Is battery life on the Razr M significantly better than on the Galaxy Nexus? I had to buy an extended battery (2000mAh) for my Galaxy Nexus to make it through the day, but I am a moderately heavy user.

What do you all think? Thanks.