Please add the ability to create forum polls for users

This has probably come up in the past, but I really think everyone here would like it. I am sure the verge staffers would have some concerns about user created polls, but these concerns can be overcome:

1. Troll polls asking whether Josh should shave his head.

This of course is obviously a possible issue (btw the answer is no Josh), but if it gets too crazy you can just remove the poll.

-counter: but giving the option for polls is like a magnet to trolls

+counter counter: forums like [H]ardforums and others have been allowing polls for YEARS longer than the verge forums were even a twinkle in the eye of SB Nation, they have managed just fine, so can the verge.

2. Allowing polls would tip competitors off to how many readers/viewers the verge has, and that needs to stay classified for competitive reasons.

I am not sure if this is actually an issue, but who knows, it could be. If it is though the solution is obvious. Don't list the total poll respondents, just list percentages, you get the same effect without the number tracking (not sure why that would be such a big deal personally, and maybe it isn't, we already see post count numbers so this should not be that big of a deal)

3. Allowing polls would... I got nothing, I can't think of any other legitimate reason to not implement polls other than we have not gotten to it yet. But I am only one man, with a finite imagination, so if others have more to add to this list please do so and we'll see if we can overcome it.

Bottom line, sometimes I and others want to know what others thing about something in a charts sort of way, and the easiest way to do that is with a poll. I want to go post a poll in the gaming forum right now asking what types of games people enjoy the most with categories like sports/shooters/rpgs/strategy/moba/etc. I can't though, I can only post a thread and get responses, a poll would augment that and be interesting to EVERYONE looking at the topic.