RT....this makes no sense

I've been following Windows 8 and Surface closely since the very beginning, yet just a moment ago I was thinking, "what does RT stand for again? I'm pretty sure I read.....?" So I went to Wikipedia, and...it doesn't stand for anything! It doesn't even stand for Windows Run Time, which is a thing.

But even if it did stand for Run Time or something else....it's a crappy name. It literally doesn't tell a knowledgeable person anything and it certainly doesn't tell a neophyte anything either. What on earth was their reasoning for this name? Almost any gimmicky marketing name would have been better. Even if they called it Windows 8 on Arm, it would probably be too technical but at least it would describe what it is.

Then they name their new tablet the Surface RT. Again, Surface on Arm would have been better if still awful. I usually get why people name things something, even if I don't like it. But I don't even understand the reasoning here. It makes little sense.