$329 ipad mini too pricey...that's right people Apple should sell at a loss and race to the bottom

The new ipad comes in 16gb w/ a bigger screen then the nexus 7.. It has the more mindshare out of any tablet and has already tablet apps for it. And people are already losing there minds. Apple doesn't put out products to sell at a loss & race to the bottom. They sell for profit. Already I'm hearing consumers won't get new ipad over nexus or kindle but I haven't heard how many nexus and kindle has been sold...all you hear is sales predictions from a analyst they make worst predictions then the weather man. And if I'm not mistaken the bigger ipad is $499 and still outsell all of the competitors...they sold 100 million people.

So what are your thoughts about the new ipad mini and should the rest be worried for the holiday season.

Edit:1 already I'm hearing people say it just look like a bigger iPhone because it has less bezels....right. If that's the case what about the nexus 7 which looks just like a bigger galaxy nexus with actual phone apps and not that many tablet apps. Hmmmmm......

Edit 2: MrSmooth says:

"Think of it this way. All those people that wanted an iPad but couldn’t afford it, will get the iPad mini! And all the people that couldn’t get the iPhone 5 will get the new iPod touch. This one is going to be a hit"

hit the nail in the head