Macbook Air vs Macbook Pro 13" Retina vs the rest

I currently have the White 13" late 2006 Macbook and I am in the desperate need of an upgrade. I was hoping for 13" retina Macbook Pro in June, but had to evidently wait until now, for my wish to be fulfilled. Now ... What type of Computer to buy? Frankly, I am more lost than ever on what type of machine I should buy ...

Macbook Air

For me design-wise the perfect machine and also the interiors are great, the only thing that really really bothers me is the "low-resolution" display.

Macbook Pro 13" Retina

The perfect machine! However in comparison with the Macbook Air the higher price tag - only because of the retina display - does not seem justified.

The rest

There are great competitors out there, Lenovo and Asus seem to make great, however the market is so fragmented I would not know where to start researching.

Having said that, I live in Shanghai and I am going to Hong Kong this weekend and the prices here are somewhat different from the US and Europe. With the education-discount the Macbook Air will set me back 1224 USD (with the 8GB RAM upgrade), the Pro 1577 USD and I cannot really put a price tag on "the rest". In light of the upcoming CPU upgrade, for what option should I go? Further, I wouldn't mind switching back to Windows again, but what are the options here? Lastly, the Macbook Air seems somewhat outdated, would I be buying an old piece of hardware? Your advice is much appreciated!