Sorry MS, I just cancelled my Surface Pre-order

Well, I should have known that no matter how good software is, you can just squeeze so much out of silicon and Tegra3 running on good old ARM A9 architecture is dated. I took my decision based on the Vivo Tab RT review, I don't think that the Surface will run any faster because both are based in the same internals, they can make improvements on I/O but for the most part, I don't think it will be quite the same. I hope Surface RT reviews don't take that long but I was still on time to cancel my pre order and so I did. The only reason why I think MS when Tegra 3 is because of availability as the phone makers already have most production of this chips, They should have gone straight to the S4 pro that is the only one able to challenge the new A6X. The desktop experience particularly was the biggest let down, lag on using Word is just unbearable for me, my second biggest concern is what is going to be the upgrade path for RT devices? Will they run the next versions of Windows 8? The safest side for someone who is making a long term investment is still x86. I'm preordering the W700 as soon as I'm done with this post.