iPad mini? More like iPod Touch XL.

To be honest, although I was excited about the idea of a smaller iPad, I was pretty disappointed to see what we get. A5 processor, non-retina display, it betrays its name. I was expecting an iPad mini to be... an iPad mini, not an iPod Touch XL. I expected the A6 (come on, if they can put the thing into an iPhone, there's no technical reason they can't put it in the iPad mini). Then the screen. iPad mini would be held closer, used more for books, but it's not a retina display? That really went against what Apple was talking about, iBooks.

This makes me think we would see the real iPad mini, iPad mini 2, in 6 month or so, with the A6 and retina screen. Annoying and unfortunate since I really want the larger capacity and cellular radio of the iPad mini to replace my Nexus 7.