I have a conspiracy theory. Here it goes:

Apple is clearly funding The Verge. The home page is plastered with Apple propaganda. I mean seriously, Apple releases a trashy version of the failing iFad and The Verge covers it with undying fanboyism. Windows 8 will sell literally several billion copies and the Verge has the nerve to surround it with Apple trash and only the sheep will buy the new iFad.

Also, Warren and Pierce are clearly paid Apple shills. How dare they not give Windows 8 a 10 and the first Tab a 10? Are they nuts? They are clearly Mac using fools who are intentionally disparaging the most innovative tech product in existence. Windows 8 clearly has 5000+ apps which clearly deserves a 10 for ecosystem. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE REAL APPS NOT FAKE APPS LIKE IOS APPS.

The Verge is also missing the biggest Windows RT advantage, its kernel. The RT kernel is so superior because it is so superior. HOW CAN THE VERGE MISS THIS POINT. You can do REAL work on RT too. 2 features against 0 of the iPad.

I am leaving The Verge forever because these grievances are clearly inexpiable. But I will come back in two weeks to troll the Surface review and pretend I am neutral, intelligent, and not trolling.

And btw this post is a joke to show that some people really need to calm down.