How could have Microsoft (or Google, or anyone trying to make a tablet along side the ipad) done better?

This is not a sarcastic question.

I'd love to hear ideas. After reading TheVerges review - I thought it was fair. I still have my Surface on order. I have faith in this product and platform, but here is the thing: to be fair, you can't give a product a good score based on faith. I'm sure Josh, David, and all the others who are reviewing these products wants to give them great reviews, but imagine if you were not a tech person, and you were buying this tablet thinking you are going to be investing in a vast app eco system right away? You would be dissapointed.

Putting that aside,

If you were launching a generation one product like Windows RT tablets, or even Android tablets in this case, how could you make the launch better? How could you remedy app woes, especially with Apple so established in the game?

I'd love to hear ideas. I'd love for any Verge staff to comment on this as well.

Could Microsoft buy developers? Pay Rovio to make Angry Birds? Fund 343 Studios to bring Halo to RT?

To flip the question, why aren't developers more ambitious? For Android or Windows RT, developers have a chance to create a need for these devices by creating amazing apps for them. It's a gamble sure, but I don't see why they couldn't get the help they need from Microsoft or Google - maybe a loan?

Lets hear it!