Surface reviews a consequence of ambition?

After reading all of the Surface reviews, I believe the criticisms leveled against it are pretty fair, but I also don't think this is in the same class as the iPad. A lot of criticism against it is that it can't do things as well as a laptop, nor can it best the iPad as a pure tablet, but I think that's sort of the beauty of it.

I have an iPad now - it's a toy, a great toy. You can do some neat things on it, but I always have to pack my computer if I want to do anything beyond playing games and tweeting. With Surface I hope to fill that gap so I only have to pack a single device for most scenarios and I think it'll do quite well at that.

The software/app selection is definitely a real concern, but that's something that can and will improve over time, meaning that this product is definitely not DOA. In short, I'll be purchasing one of these on Friday because there's still no single device that can compare to this.