Is this right.... or wrong...?

I'm Canadian. That basically means when I go to a hardware manufacturers website, like Samsung or Apple, I go to the Canada page. (Duh) Recently... probably 3 minutes ago, I went onto Samsung's website to see if they had added the Galaxy Note II to their site yet. They finally have. Now, this is something... Disturbing, for which I have found... "It doesn't matter if you need to update a document for a co worker, create a quick proposal, or share the photos from last night’s game, the Samsung Galaxy Note II™ is the ultimate smartphone for creating, collaborating and sharing. The new 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED Plus screen, coupled with the innovative S Pen creates a seamless experience between your office life, family life and social life."


See More and do More

The Galaxy Note II’s 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED Plus screen is the largest smartphone screen available. You can watch incredibly clear HD videos and read and create large documents with ease. Take advantage of the larger screen and multi-task like never before. With the 5.5-inch screen, you’ll scroll less and see more."
As you may have noticed in these 2 paragraphs, there is something that is slightly disturbing. That thing is "HD Super AMOLED Plus" in both paragraphs. Now, last time I checked, while it isn't Pentile, it definitely isn't a standard RGB Stripe which is what the little "Plus" moniker denotes. Additionally, I am nearly 100% certain that Samsung hasn't been advertising it as an HD Super AMOLED Plus display. I could be wrong though. Has anyone else found the display to be advertised as HD Super AMOLED Plus in their regions, or is this the first anyone has heard of the Note II's display being called HD Super AMOLED Plus?