Surface RT Reviews HUB

Let's make one stop place for all the reviews on the Surface RT.

Here is the best review I found on Windows RT. Its not bias, shows the faults and triumphs equally.

The worse one I found is on Gizmodo

I mean come on man, two? Whas expecting the kickstand to toast his bread.

The one from Verge

I had no problems with this except for the ecosystem score because really. When you weigh pros and cons, pros out weigh it.

The biggest con in RT is the number of apps, and this problem is only momentarily. Soon there will be more than enough apps. The second biggest con, is lack of legacy support, which I personally don't see as a con because lack of legacy support is one of the major points of RT.

The pros of RT's ecosystem: xbox services (music, video, etc) smart glass, free office, device support (much more than ios and android)

Tech Crunch

and please add more if you would like...

Also on a personal anecdote....I will still be getting the surface RT, i need a light, quick, mobile, powerhouse device for major media consumption and minor media production. It won't replace my laptop. But it will go between for tasks to big for my phone and to small for full windows.