I admit, I almost cried during the keynote

It all started when ten minutes before the keynote began, whoever was working the camera was giving a tour of the theater. That place is pretty amazing, and I personally don't remember ever seeing Apple going that far in the last decade of watching keynotes. Not even for the original iPhone.

Then you have this pretty amazing/beautiful video of the iPhone 5 launch, followed about the statistics of the Mac being #1 in both laptops and desktops. Great.

Then the Mac Mini and iMac got pretty nice updates, along with Fusion Drive which seems like a great feature, especially since it can switch the apps and documents around to those most commonly used/etc and load them in the SSD and keep the rest on the HDD.

And then the iPad Mini. Love at first sight. But what really moved me was that ad with the iPad 4 playing piano with the mini joining in. Wow.

It was the keynote that I wish Steve Jobs was still alive to see. It was more than just pushing out incremental processor updates, they actually brought something to the table. Steve may not be with us anymore, but the company is in good hands. Tim Cook is a great leader, and Phil Schiller does an excellent presentation every time, and of course as long as we have Jony Ive, it's going to stay on a high note for Apple.

As for them rushing an iPad 4, I think there was a very good reason. Overheating? Battery draining? I don't know, but I'm glad they did it now instead of letting it sit there. I saw more people complaining about screen issues than I saw comments about people actually enjoying their iPad.