October Event Reactions [iPad Mini, iPad 4th Gen, 13"rMBP, iMac & Mini]

There are a lot of separate threads/articles/comments about everything that was announced at Apple's October Event, and I'd like to get some quick thoughts on each of the new products released and the overall presentation while contributing my own thoughts:

iPad 4th Gen

  • The lack of a real naming convention is starting to backfire here as we have 4 generations of products with only 2 different names (iPad, iPad 2, New iPad, iPad Retina) Note that the previous 3rd gen has been wiped off the face of the earth but the 2nd gen product is still available but is now 2 generations behind the new new iPad despite having a numeric descriptor as 1 generation above.
  • Apple felt the need to spec bump the iPad 4th Gen perhaps to fend off the Microsoft Surface threat and newer more powerful Android tablets being released ahead of the Christmas season.
  • A spec bumped 4th Gen has pissed quite a lot of having only a 7 month release cycle, this will also reduce the resale value but I am sure they will return to a 1 year cycle. If they do release a Newer New New iPad in 5 months then people who bought this New New iPad will be pissed.
iPad Mini
  • $329 is above the impulse buy price for a majority of people (9 of 11 co-workers sampled would not buy @329 but would at $299). There is psychological barrier where at $299, people might not even consider the other Android tablets in the competing space. Apple would have nearly wiped out their competitors in this space if they would have lowered the price $30 but will now be losing much more in terms of sales revenue, ecosystem buy-in and marketing dollars to their competitors. It's a very short sighted price point where they gain money on the hardware sales but lose sooo much more to people buying into the Google ecosystem via the Nexus 7 & Fire devices when they could have taken those devices out in one fell swoop.
13" MacBook Pro Retina
  • Way too overpriced for what is being offered as the MacBook Air is $200 cheaper at similar specs while being thinner and lighter, conversely the 15" offers much better quad core performance + discrete graphics for a few hundred more thus qualifying as a "Pro Device".
  • No nVidia graphics means any App/Game with hardware acceleration will SUFFER on this device at even attempting to run 2560 x 1600 resolution at 60Hz/fps this was a very bad engineering/management call.
  • Attempting to run any serious app that pushes the GPU will affect the maximum speed of the CPU as thermal throttling will come into affect when using any CPU + GPU intensive app given both are one one chip (If your GPU is running at 100% then your CPU will never reach it's maximum for any extended period).
  • While it looks nice to have a thinner and lighter desktop machine, they are forgetting this is a DESKTOP MACHINE and not a portable device! If you place this against the wall like 90% of people do you will not notice the design as much!
  • You have traded space savings for mobile level performance as they are using mobile chips and non-upgradable components IN A DESKTOP COMPUTER. Apple no longer produces computer systems, they provide computer appliances. I am a little mixed on this trend but overall it does look nice.
  • That new design that is thinner and lighter raises the price by $100 over previous gen.
Overall Event Reaction
  • This was a considerably more substantial event than their previous announcement but given the time constraints they completely FLEW past all the specs of each product when I feel like they could have spent a little more time on each. Perhaps 2 events would have been more appropriate given the sheer number of products being updated/introduced as it cheapens the pitch somewhat when you lob everything into one presentation.
  • The live streaming was a big plus but the lag issues and stream audio/sync issues were quite out of control, I am sure their next event will fix this.
  • I get the feeling that Apple is bloating up quite a lot with all their product ranges as there are a lot of products that overlap in features/price that shouldn't even be on the market (e.g. They kept the iPad 2 but Retired the iPad 3, even though everything about the iPad 2 can be found in the new iPad mini - The old MacBook Pro models are still around but are outclassed and outmatched by the Air/Retina combo - Too many damn iPod models in general when they could have combined lines - the iPad mini has 24 different SKU's for a single product which is overbloat)
  • Apple spent more last year in Lawsuits that R&D which I feel could have help eliminate the any issues with their new/updated product lines but that is just conjecture.