Reviews and the kickstand

I won't take issue with most of the criticisms, whether I would agree with them or not (after I've reviewed the device for myself), but one thing bugs me and that's some comments about its stand.

A couple reviews I've read have talked about not working on laps well, or you can't adjust it, or this or that. And then they compare it to their use of other tablets which they allege is superior. But they are not comparing like to like. The Surface has a built in stand. You have to compare a surface without an accessory stand, to another device without an accessory stand. In which case, the Surface comes out ahead. It has a stand, the others don't.

Yeah, if you compare a type or touch cover to one of those folding covers, or 3rd party covers for other devices, you might have a point. But it presumes that there won't be similar 3rd party covers for the Surface. You might argue that because it's bundled, then it has to be reviewed like a bundled cover with other devices. I might agree if those covers will get knocked for not having keyboards, but I find that hard to imagine.

I just thought it was unfair to knock the device for something that it actually had an objective advantage in over devices.

As an aside, I'm confused why Josh would positively review the touchpads and others did so negatively. There's a lot of variability in the reviews. It's hard to understand where the truth lies.