Looking for a Password Manager. Need Suggestions!!

After reading many articles about how the vast majority of our passwords (despite what password strength checkers on websites say) are far less secure than we think they are, I decided that I will try a password manager for the purpose of keeping those pesky hackers off the trail. As I already showed in the title, I am in need of suggestions since there is so many to choose from. After reading numerous articles on the matter, I realize that there is no silver bullet solution, so I would like to see from you guys how you set up your password managers such that they are both intuitive and secure at the same time.

You are free to simply state what works for you, but for the purpose of narrowing the options, these are my needs at the moment:
- A solid (and if possible intuitive) desktop client for OS X and Windows (Linux client is optional)
- Solid browser extensions for desktop (Especially Chrome)
- Mobile apps for both iOS and Android (can be either the official app, or a strong third-party app)
- Can be stored offline (or if it must be stored in the cloud, cannot be decrypted by service provider)
- Can also be stored in a USB thumbstick (optional, but preferred)

Those are the requirements off the top of my head. I'll update this post if I have additional needs. Anyway, hope to hear from you soon!