Polynauts Central: Packed up! (Wednesday 24/10)


Good day, Polynauts. It's Wednesday, October 24th and we're here bringing you today's Polynauts Central at Polygon on our packed up little corner of The Verge.

Normally, I'd say here's some news right of the Polygon presses, but our fearless editors and reporters have gone ahead of us to make sure our new home is ready to receive the moving truck chock full of boxes and that the new place is roomy and comfortable enough for us all. Beanbag chairs for everyone?!


As part of your balanced diet, Ellis Hamburger brings you the latest '90 Seconds on The Verge'.


I love the explanation’s of the Polynauts Polymemes…haha!

Good morning everyone!

Things I’ve learned playing Uncharted: Drake’s Series of Unfortunate Deaths: The Movie (mi’right Fox?)

I don’t die in gun fights because they’re smarter than me, I die because they spawned three shotgun guys immediately behind me where there’s a closed fence.

Elena Fisher is obviously Sam Fisher’s daughter. She annoys me and has infinite bullets at all times in whatever weapon she’s holding. She’s more than likely a conjurer of black magics.

Jetskis can move up rivers, tapping barrels with anything that is more powerful than a light tickle will result in an instant death (Someone decided to put all unstable explosives in a barrel and toss them down river), and taking a propelled grenade to the face simply results in me seeing black/white. Also, I think U:DSoUD:TM may have also sapped my enjoyment from jetskis so much that I may hate them in real life now…this will be tested in due time when I can look at one without vomiting.

Falling five feet into a “no-no” zone is an instant death. 12 bullets to the face, however, results in heavy breathing.

Last but not least, I realized that Drake must have some sort of mutant power that allows him to regenerate health. Surely, at some point, the pirates should realize that there’s something up if one man has literally killed more pirates than some nations have people…right? At this point in the game, the only reason I have as many kills as I do is because they keep giving me guns…so maybe all the pirates should just bum trouser rush Drake and overpower him with sheer force?

Either way, the game is fun and I’m probably 70% through with it. :p

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