Wishlist for the future upcoming Windows RT or 8 updates

After reading so many reviews in the web (I read Engadget, CNET, PCWORLD, PCMAG, VERGE....etc), i have come to a conclusion that the foundation of windows RT is excellent, but there is a lot room for improvement.


1. where are the apps (good ones) i need?

2. why u no compatible with other window 7 software?

3. why no analog/digital clock anywhere in the screen?

4. why no engaging tutorials that teaches you how to make full use of the RT

5. why cannot play all video on the web


1. solve the problems above, hopefull by oct 26

2. add all nokia apps if possible (I LOVE THEM)

3. fix the desktop (make it a real window 7 desktop, not just a mere app!)

4. make OFFICE Metrofied! / super-tocuh friendly

5. fix all small bugs and improve performance

6. last of all, i want a quick shutdown button/tile (if i am not wrong, shutting down takes 4 steps minimally)

Although, i had not used or pre-ordered a windows RT yet, i know these are the problem that really should be fixed and hopefully my wishlist come true. i am considering to buy one or a windows 8.

What are your wish for future window RT or 8 updates?