Questions from a possible iPad owner

So I am considering the purchase of an iPad (the big one, not the mini). This is my first tablet purchase and I wanna make it a good one haha. In order for me to get an iPad it has to have sufficient capabilities that I need, among other smaller concerns. So the questions I have are below:

1. <u>iPad Camera Connection Kit</u>

Is it possible to use the iPad Camera Connection Kit to charge your device thru USB while the iPad is asleep? I essentially wanna use it as a giant external battery if my phone needs power urgently.

2. <u>Naked iPads</u>

How much wear does the iPad take over extended periods of time without a case or protectors? I have an iPhone 4 faring very well without any protection whatsoever, but I would like to hear from iPad owners haha.

3. <u>iWork on iPad vs Office</u>

How is the iPad's iWork suite compared to Microsoft Office? Does it format documents in the exact same way as Office? Also, is it possible to add presentation notes per slide in a quick and convinient way in iPad's Keynote?

4. <u>iPad sleeves</u>

If carrying the iPad around naked is not feasible in the long term, I would prefer to have a sleeve-type case for storing the iPad and keeping it protected when not in use during a journey. The iPad is completely removed from the sleeve and naked during usage. Basically, a glorified, made-for-iPad protective storage container. Would love your recommendations for this type of case because I can't find many of them.

5. <u>Display sunlight legibility</u>

What brightness level is needed to overcome the glare when using it under direct sunlight? Does enabling auto-brightness perform a satisfactory job of keeping the display legible at about 20% brightness on the slider?

6. <u>Multi-window simultasking</u>

The only multi-window solution on the iPad that I am aware of is Quasar. Those with Quasar, how does performance and stability fare? Is it stable enough for daily driver usage? And are there other multi-window solutions for the iPad?

Many thanks for your time taken to answer my questions!