How parallel is the Windows RT store to the iOS 6 situation?

Preliminaries: I pre-ordered a Surface as soon as they went up, I run Windows 8 on my laptop and desktop and love it. I also have been buying iPhones since the 3G and have nothing against either Apple or Microsoft.

When iOS 6 launched with sub-par maps the response by many was "It sucks, but it will get better with time."

The Windows RT app ecosystem is sub-par and the general response is "This is a broken store that seals RT's demise."

Now I'm not arguing that the app selection is great by any means, but RT still supports the full web and since most of the services people use are web based anyways I don't see any reason they can't get the job done for the time being. But it's just about as safe to assume that all the major app players will port/create apps for Windows 8 and RT as it is to assume that Apple will be able to "fix" their maps to be on par with everyone else.

Reviewers always say they can't review something in a vacuum, but failing to recognize that the app selection will improve in time seems to be kind of cynical.