Why does the EU care?

EU finds that Microsoft has failed to comply with its browser choice commitments - but why do they even care?

First question:

Why does the EU care that much about what internet browser use on their computers. If they don't like their pre-installed Internet Explorer they will find other browsers on the web. I am sure. If you just do a Google Search you will find all of them as well as websites who do reviews and tell you which one might be the best one fitting your needs. So it is not like people need to be informed because there is no other way to know about this. And even my friends and classmates who are not into tech at all (I am a high-school student in Germany, i.e. EU) know that Internet Explorer sucks (especially the old version, I don't know if it is IE8 or IE7 or whatever that is installed on our school computers) and use Google Chrome or Firefox instead.

I feel like there is just no sense behind this, if they would have to tell them that there is a great variety of internet browsers that they can choose from they would also have to tell them that they could also buy a Mac or Linux PC before even buying a Windows PC. Or they would have to tell them that there are great online games as well as games you can buy when Minesweeper is opened. Or that there are other programs to organize your files than the Microsoft Explorer. Why just about the Internet Explorer.

Second question:

Why does only Microsoft have to do this, because I am using a MacBook and I was never asked if I want to use Safari or not. And I am pretty sure that there is not even a way to install other browsers on a Chrome Book, but I am pretty sure that Google is one of the main initiators of this whole thing.

I am not saying that it is a bad thing that people are being told that there are other ways for them to experience the web than through IE but I think that this should be a voluntary step done by Microsoft or any other operating-system manufacturer rather than something that is forced by a court through high fines. Because what Microsoft and Apple should do is provide the best user experience so that their customers are satisfied and will buy their products again. IE as well as Safari on the Mac are just programs that are provided to be used. Microsoft and Apple don't want to earn any money through the usage of their browsers (or am I seeing this wrong?) but just by selling their products. It is a different thing with Google who earns it's money with user-data and is happy to collect information about the user's behavior on the web. So they of course are interested in as many users as possible but I don't see why this would be the case for Microsoft/Apple.