Why do we get angry at reviews?

I've been reading reviews for a long time. Movie review, Music review,and car reviews. For some reason when I read a movie review from someone like Ebert, even when he hates a movie I like, It doesn't make me angry. Instead I look at why he didn't like it, and usually I pivot on what he doesn't like and see how I would find it entertaining. Same can be said for for music reviews, they might say something like "this song sounds like wasn't baked long enough, and is too experimental", and my reaction might be cool i'm in the mood for something experimental so I'll give it a chance. Car reviews the same way. I love the Alfa Romeo 8c competizione, even though it seems to have been lambasted by the auto community. It's a beautiful car, and I would never get sick of looking at it let alone drive. For some reason I don't feel that way with utility software, or gadget hardware reviews.

When I read a gadget review for some reason I look at statements like " I can't use it in my lap" and it upsets me. Not so much because it's a negative comment, more so because it doesn't have a place in the review. I liken it to saying the car never drives straight, referring to a turbo charged FWD car. Yes it is true the car will pull when you are heavy on the throttle, but it doesn't happen all the time. To say that it never drives straight, doesn't fully explain the problem, and by doing so does a disservice to the audience.

I've had the same problem with game reviews too, and they are starting to get better at making the review more of an xray instead of impressionist painting type of review.

This sort of thing may get better with time and experience. The decisive broad statements don't have a place in reviews though. In the same way I'm sure Josh doesn't allow people to make broad generalization in their political article, or lifestyle article, he needs to take that same measuring stick to the review section as well.

Let me also say that I admire Josh and the review staff for the work that they done. It is some of the sharpest and most accurate writing in the game right now. There is a reason why I always read the reviews on this site. There is also a reason why I highly anticipate anything written by the man in charge on this site. Because I admire and respect their work. That being said, for those that don't have the benefit of reading most of your reviews, or listening to you on podcast, or watching you on the verge, you may have slighted them in the Windows surface review as well as the Ipad review. I'll keep it to one thing cause this post has already run too long. The Ipad crashes all the time, yours does it, mines does it, we all know it. Yet it's not reflective in the review for the ipad, and any other tablet that crashes even remotely as much as the ipad is severely punished for their grievance in the review. That isn't right and it doesn't seem to keep the standard you work so hard on for this site.

Back to my original point, does anyone else have reason why Gadget reviews get more of an emotional response then other reviews your read?