Performance of New Chromebook?

I've been considering a chromebook for sometime now, and basically what I was waiting for were free storage for Google Drive and lower prices. Now that both of them are fulfilled, I am planning to get the new one. There is one thing that bothers me however. After reading some reviews about the new chromebook, I found that most of them note that after you open a dozen pages, it begins to get slower, and sometimes it even reload pages(because of insufficient RAM (2GB)).

Although I probably won't open too many videos at a time, I do have the habit of opening up all the links I found interesting on a web page and then reading them one by one. Sometimes I have over a dozen tabs on at the same time, and if it is a problem on the chromebook, I would have to wait for higher end devices.

I checked my current win XP laptop and found that it also has 2GB of RAM, but I never experienced reloading pages no matter how many I opened(It does get slow though). The processor is a dual core intel core2 processor of 2GHz. I have no idea about how to compare this with the ARM based chromebook, or is it even comparable, at least in terms of user experience?? So my question is, will the chromebook be better than my current one, or will it be even slower with a dual core exynos 5?

By the way, where is the anticipated The Verge review on the new chromebook?