Is an iPad with OS X too much to ask for ?

I own an iPad 2, an iPhone 4 and an iPod Touch 4th generation. Now I love Apple products and most of all I love iOS, but recently, when I heard about the Microsoft Surface tablet there was one thing that struck me. That tablet runs what seems like so much more than a tablet OS. Sure Windows RT is still a basically stripped down version of Windows 8, but that doesn't change the fact that it's still Windows 8 at the heart of it.

I truly believe that the iPad should run OS X, maybe not a full version, but a version nonetheless, just like Microsoft has done with their tablet. The new iPad mini should stay on iOS in my eyes, because it's a smaller device designed for media consumption, but the iPads are also creative devices and therefore should run a more advanced operating system in my opinion.

Let me know your opinions.