Yesterday's missed story, how a game changer was never seen due to horribly bad timing.

So yesterday we all saw a slew of new Apple Products such as a the iPad mini and 13 inch rMBP. In Addition The Verge posted their reviews for the Surface RT and Windows 8, the most anticipated reviews in a long time. In other news, Dell rolled out a new 23 inch multitouch display and Asus held a minor press conference announcing stuff we have already seen.

Except that second point is not true at all. In that press conference Asus rolled out a new notebook line that actually fulfilled their 'In search of Incredible' tag line. One model in particular is a real game changer.


This is the Asus Vivobook S200. It has a Core i3, 4Gb ram, 500Gb HDD, a 11.6 inch WXGA touchscreen, .85 inch thickness, and oh yeah...

It costs $499.

You can pick one up from Amazon or Staples in the US, It's made of metal and matte plastic. This looks to be a real weapon at this price point. nothing even comes close. I should know, I just set one up as a display.