Microsoft Accounts: A Mess

This post is triggered by the recent release of Skype (Metro version). Here's my situation:

- Setup a Hotmail address waayyyy back at the start of Hotmail, it's now my primary Microsoft Account. I've accumulated Gamer Score, MS Points, Skydrive space, MSDN subscriptions, Music and app purchases with it.

- When relaunched, I got a new address because the Hotmail address was absolutely overrun by spam and impossible to use as an email address

- Then I 'linked' the two addresses. This is practically only any use for switching between them and doesn't really provide any deep merging.

So the problems:

- Since opening the Hotmail account, I've moved from the UK to Ireland, but Microsoft bizarrely will not let you modify your billing country on your account. From experience, I know Apple do this too, but I don't understand it.

- This means I'm unable to purchase anything for my primary Hotmail account without a tonne of hassle and the Microsoft recommendation is "create a new Account for Ireland". Well, that's no help when I can't then merge that with all my Gamerscore, MS Points, Skydrive space, MSDN subs and Music and App purchases. To get those I basically have to keep switching accounts every so often

- Windows 8 only lets you link 1 MS account with each User account on the computer. This will be fine for most people, but it means that I *have to* stay signed into my Hotmail account primarily in order to have 25Gb of Skydrive space vs 7Gb for the newer accounts. Which means I can't really buy apps or music.

- Already this was very fecking annoying, however then when Skype launched earlier, I accidentally merged my proper Skype account with my MS account. And guess what, you can't unmerge them ever again! So now, Skype Metro tries to auto-sign me in using the Hotmail account, creating a new Skype account that has none of my contacts (and really strangely, won't let me connect with my Facebook account) and won't let me switch accounts!

If you ever meet a member of the Microsoft Account eng team, please kick them in the nuts.