Verizon Wireless will kick off its Windows Phone 8 launch with the HTC 8X and Nokia 822 on November 12th according to a leaked internal document. Both will be available in a variety of colors, with HTC's 8X selling for $199 on-contract and Nokia's midrange Lumia handset commanding $99. Oddly, Best Buy has announced it plans to sell the AT&T-branded 8X for just $99, but it's not uncommon for the retailer to set its own pricing in these situations — Ma Bell may very well end up charging the same as Verizon when all is said and done.

But those aren't the only interesting details revealed by a minimum advertised price (MAP) list obtained by Android Central. For instance, the document mentions an as-yet-unannounced HTC smartphone known as the Droid DNA which is purportedly slated to go on sale November 20th. Odds point to this being the final branding of the 5-inch HTC DLX. It's also said to retail for $199.

And for those of you awaiting the Galaxy Note II's arrival on Verizon, you'll supposedly be able to purchase the device at some point today — likely following Samsung's media event at 7PM EST. Available in its standard hues of silver and white, the Note II will cost $299 with a new two-year contract.