Apple's Pricing is Sometimes Illogical. (from a consumers standpoint)

Yesterdays event was a success for Apple in one way in that it was surprising. Not long after the hangover of the iPhone 5 keynote which included all new iPods Apple hits us with another keynote that many might have assumed would be minor. Here's what was included:

Retina 13" MBP - Everyone actually knew this was coming but weren't completely confident that they'd see it at this keynote. It was impressive except two things; The lack of dedicated graphics and the price, more on this later.

The new Mac Mini - I like the Mac Mini and have considered getting one several times but when you actually price it up for what you get the thing isn't a bargain Apple machine for not being a top seller.

The New iMac - The thin edge was gorgeous. Yes, skeptics will harp about how a desktop doesn't need to be thin and what not but then those same people people probably go jerk it to the latest thin Samsung TV. You could tell, however, that Apple was trying to hide one detail about the new iMac and that was the bump on the back. It isn't necessarily off putting but has a weird look to it when you look at it from the side. On an excellent note I don't think many were banking on there being a complete redesign of such an iconic machine so... kudos, Apple.

iPad Mini - Mini iPad 2 with better cameras and lighter. Nothing to complain about here really.

Now on to the pricing, the topic of this rant.

Retina 13" MBP - The pricing here is ridiculous and here's why. $1699. That's $500 less than the 15" version but the disparity between the two is greater than that of the 13" regular MBP and the 15". You only get 1/2 the storage, no dedicated graphics (I own a 15" retina and if it didn't have dedicated graphics it'd be unusable) and a dual core i5 vs. quad i7 worse speakers and a few others. The price difference between the regular 13" and 15" is $600 and the only difference is screen size, speakers, processor and dedicated graphics. I was worried that when I bought the 15" retina that a 13"er would be released and that I'd regret my purchase but now I don't at all. If I put and i7 and 256gb which is what I wanted base in a 13" then it'd be the same price as a 15". Who'd buy that?

The Mac Mini - buy a base for $600, add a mouse, keyboard and thunderbolt display. You are in 27" iMac price territory with a dual core machine that has less ram and storage. Again, why?

iMac - They increased the base price by $100. I guess that is fine for the increase in RAM which shouldn't be so expensive these days.

iPad Mini - Newest iPad gets a refresh, stays the same price. iPad 2 has received a slightly refreshed processor in the past but still has remained the same price. The price of the Mini isn't horribly bad but Apple should have went for $300. This would mean that they'd have to had pushed down the price of the iPod touch which is fine because it draws on the last point in Apple pricing.

They need to stop charging $100 for every bump in solid state storage for iOS devices. It is an outdated pricing structure. SSD prices have fallen by 1/2 this year alone.

Are rants like these going to get Apple to change their pricing structures? No way but when shopping for Apple products you have to know where the value is. When the iPad was released it was difficult for competitors to release an equal product at a competitive price. Apple had created a high demand market but some of their products it seems like the pricing is arbitrarily high. Also this isn't a hateful attack on Apple either. I love their products but they need to weigh the pricing in the same way their customers do so that I can buy more Apple products and not feel like I just got swindled :)