Editable Comments: A post from the Vox Product team

Y'all have likely noticed by now that the brand new Polygon website we just launched has editable comments. We realize that y'all have been clamoring for this functionality on The Verge since launch day so we wanted to address any concerns about why the functionality has been introduced with Polygon and why The Verge does not have it yet.

Firstly, it is important to note that this functionality is coming to The Verge. We do not have an exact time on when it will happen, but we've already begun the development work on porting the functionality over to The Verge.

There are a couple of reasons we're implementing this on Polygon and holding off on the implementation on The Verge at Polygon launch. In addition to adding the edit functionality to comments on Polygon, we refactored much of the code for the commenting system, including using an entirely different Javascript library. The work we did on the Polygon commenting system is also tightly integrated with Polygon-specific code. For these reasons, it isn't a straight-forward process to just "turn on" editable comments on The Verge. We have to refactor all of the same things on The Verge that have been refactored for Polygon and then decouple that refactoring work from Polygon's comments. This is a process that we want the developers that did the work for Polygon to play a large role in to make the process easier and they're focusing on the Polygon launch right now.

Additionally, we don't yet have real world, production experience with the new commenting system and before making changes in the fully-formed and robust community of The Verge we wanted to get a read on how the new functionality will play out in the real world. We're not anxious to disrupt the incredible community here without knowing a little bit about how it might go down.

This is all a pre-cursor to this functionality being added to comments on The Verge, but we just wanted to clear up why you'll see them on Polygon before you see it here. Soon.


P.S. Have y'all read our Product Team blog yet?