Microsoft is playing the long game with Windows 8

There seems to be a fair amount of panic and irrational behavior on here since the Surface review came out. I think everyone needs to take a step back and look at the big picture.

1. Microsoft knows that their ecosystem is pretty weak right now. Of course it is. Anyone who thought the Windows RT ecosystem would be filled the brim by now is kidding themselves.

2. Windows 8 is going to spread like wildfire. Sure, businesses are hesistant because it is such a huge change, but Windows 8 is soon going to be the only (affordable) option for the majority of PC buyers in the world. It would be difficult for Windows 8 not to spread like wildfire. As a person who tried to function with only an iPad for about a year, I can tell you that the world is absolutely not going to stop using desktops/laptops. It's just not practical.

3. Within a year or two, the vast majority of programs that run on Windows 8 will also run on Surface RT. I'm not a developer, but I know it takes time to convert current software to run on Windows 8 and Windows RT. A company like Adobe (for example) is not going to just ignore Windows from now on.

Picture yourself a year from now. Surface 2.0 is coming out and 95% of programs that run on your Windows PC now work perfectly fine on your Surface tablet. At the same time, a new Xbox is coming out that is completely compatible with your music, videos, and games that you have been buying all year through the Windows Store. You can now fire up an Xbox Arcade game on your Xbox, save it to the cloud, and finish playing on your Surface.

We are talking about a gigantic ecosystem, folks. Microsoft has successfully laid the foundation for PC's, tablets, phones, and Xboxes to finally live together in the clouds in wonderful harmony. The only way to do that was to nuke the old Windows model and they actually had the stones to do it.

I say, bravo, Microsoft. Bravo.